How many times have you found yourself listening to a friend, nodding in agreement with what they’re saying, whilst mentally planning out your evening? Or perhaps remembering something you need to pick up on the way home, or reliving that stupid thing you said to someone at work earlier.

We seem to find ourselves in the past or future far more than we’re ever really in the present.

It becomes almost impossible for us to truly be present for others, even those we care deeply about.

And you know what we’re missing out on?


As it unfolds around us, we’re days behind or weeks ahead. Playing over moments that have been, or longing for ones that lie ahead.

In reality, neither of those actually exist. It’s kind of funny when you think about it.

Try, just for one day, being present. Push away those nattering thoughts that want to distract you from where you actually are, who you’re really with, and what is happening right in front of you. Give others your full attention, not a tiny fraction of it.

Watch what happens. Inside you and around you.

Suddenly, life may start to become more interesting. More beautiful. More appreciated.

Be present.