No, this has nothing to do with your ability (or lack thereof!) to go from standing into the splits, or bend over and touch your toes.

Growing up, I was a very inflexible person. I loved having ‘a plan’, and heaven forbid that the plan should ever have to change! This caused considerable difficulties for my parents, my friends, and most of all – for me. Feeling stressed and anxious if something didn’t work out how I wanted it to happened, well … all the time.

And this will be no surprise to you; it’s the same for all of us. When does everything ever go exactly as we planned it to? The world around us and the people in it are in a constant state of flux. Always shifting, moving, growing, changing.

Someone might not be able to meet you for the coffee you had planned. An employee could fall sick in the middle of a big project. Your ‘perfect match’ perhaps may turn out to be not-quite-so-perfect.

You can stand tall, tense, and poise yourself to fight it … or, you can be flexible. Bend with it, like a deeply rooted oak tree in a fierce gale. Move around it. Find a solution, change your plans – and be ok with that.

You’ll find that life becomes a much more enjoyable series of events when you can learn to …

Be Flexible.