I ask a friend what selflessness means.

He tells me an ancient parable of how the Buddha once heard the cries of a starving lioness, unable to feed her cubs, and so leapt off a cliff; smashing his body on the rocks below as food for them.

At first the idea of this extreme act horrifies me.

But then I realise that it has been played out over history, time and time again by great leaders who were willing to lay everything on the line for others.

Selflessness goes beyond a random act of generosity.

I’m starting to understand that to be selfless is to literally take ‘I’ out of the equation … forget yourself completely, and cast off any of your own conceived importance in favour of the bigger picture.

Can we do that? It’s easy enough perhaps in moments – times when the people we love require more than we thought we had to give.

But to daily live a selfless life … that’s a real challenge.

Are you prepared to take it?

To make the dreams of others more important than your own, place their needs higher on your priority list?

Every day, making that fresh decision to …

Be Selfless.