I’ve got a lot of stuff.

There’s clothes in my wardrobe, knick knacks on my chest of drawers, bits and bobs clogging up my handbag that prevent me from locating my wallet in a hurry.

I have food in the cupboard, the assurance of money coming into my account each week, working arms and legs which allow me to go wherever my feet desire.

So why does this little niggling feeling come along every now and then and tell me I need more?

That someone else might have something I want, and deserve. That the person up on stage has more talent, the writer elsewhere in cyberspace uses fancier words, the work colleague across the meeting table is smarter, stronger, or more competent?

It’s almost like life is designed to coax us towards discontent. Not satisfied, always striving, never reaching that illusive end goal of ‘perfect’.

But who really wants to spend precious hours on this planet wanting things we don’t have and failing to enjoy what is right in front of us?

Not me.

I’m learning that being content doesn’t mean achieving less or settling for second best.

It takes a big person to be content.

To replace those negative thoughts and feelings with an attitude of gratitude, and create a mind-set of plenty rather than want.

I’m finding that choosing to be content frees up space … it seems that when you hold on tightly, what you grasp gets snatched from you, but letting go leaves your hands empty to receive.

Make some room in your life.

Be Content.