I had my first Buddhist meditation experience recently.

Mixed in between the nun’s instructions to ‘clear your mind’ and ‘let go of all tension’ was one priceless little phrase that left the room with me that evening.

After several slow, focused breathes, she urged us to take time to ‘abide in the calm’.

‘Abide’ is such a deeply rooted sounding word. It isn’t transient, coming and going like cars across a busy motorway. It dwells.

Imagine being able to actually live in a state of calm. Imperturbable. Unfazed. So grounded in your own sense of self and being that the feeling of calm permanently resides within you.

It’s very appealing. And, potentially – possible.

I think that calm is a direct result of our response to any given circumstance. The alternatives look like panic, fear, and fluster. Easier to choose, but infinitely more wearying for our harried modern-day souls.

Next time you’re affronted by an unexpected situation, pause and remember that short, simple phrase.