I’m betting that something in you is cringing just reading those two words.

Images of snails and sloths arise from your subconscious storage space.

‘Slow?! What’s good about being slow?’  

A fair question. In today’s world, slow = lazy.

Slow = incompetent.

Slow = less effective.

All of these thoughts run through my mind as I try to drag a dawdling puppy along for our walk.

‘Hurry up!’ I demand, glancing at my watch for the fourth time.

I have things to do. Places to be. People to see.

Lachie is blissfully unaware of this, begging me to stop and pay attention to the oh-so-sniff-able leaf that he’s found.

It makes me realise … I often forget the joys of slowing down. Even a walk with the dog is a race against the clock, just another item to get ticked off the list before really beginning the day.

But little by little, I’m learning to slow down. Maybe you’d like to try as well. Here’s a few ‘slow experiments’ to start with:

  • Eat slowly – savour each mouthful instead of wolfing them down, anxious to move on to dessert, and then the dishes, and then … you know how it goes. Instead, chew, swallow, and enjoy.
  • Breathe slowly – we often take hurried, shallow breaths, which don’t allow oxygen to circulate effectively. Allow yourself the privilege of inhaling and exhaling throughout the day.
  • Walk slowly – lengthen your stride, and look around as you walk. Take in smells, sights, sounds. You’ll arrive at your destination feeling a lot less flustered, and have heaps more fun getting there!

Sometimes, fast really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Try slow on for size; you just might like it.

Be Slow.