I’m learning that when the worst happens, there isn’t usually much you can do.

Be it an earthquake that rattles your Uncle’s house, a friend’s friend who suddenly commits suicide, or your sister who has a terrible experience at University … by the time you find out about it, the deed is already done. It’s happened.

You can’t reverse the event, change it, make it go away with large sums of money or flowers or the most well-intentioned platitudes.

All you can really do is show up.

Be available for a phone call, a hug, a listening ear.

When something bad happens to someone you care about (and it unfortunately, inevitably will) the speed with which you drop everything else to be there is all that matters.

It may seem pointless. You might feel frustrated. There could be other things in the fires-to-put-out basket that seem to require your attention more urgently.

But just remember … your love is needed. Your very presence is enough.

Make the time to:

Be there.