Whenever I hear the word ‘loyal’, I want to (and often do!) start singing Dave Dobbyn’s kiwi classic out loud.

I think we all have times, situations and circumstances when our loyalty is put to the test.

Maybe a friend is going through a hard time, and acting frustratingly different; even to the point of pushing people away. You have the choice whether to stick around, or duck out.

A family member might have let you down. Disappointed others you care about with choices that may not have been entirely theirs to make. It’s then you have to make a call – what does being family really mean? Is it ok to walk away?

Questions of loyalty sneak up at work, too. Can you leave behind relationships established there, shared successes and growth, and plans for the future if someone else presents a ‘better’ offer?

I don’t know what your answers would be in any of these situations. I do know that more and more lately I’ve been introducing people as my ‘longest friends’ … they might not be the closest, there could be weeks and months between the times we see each other; but we’ve been through things together. There’s been time, effort, conversation, and shared experiences. There’s been loyalty.

It’s easy to make a new friend. It takes loyalty to build an old one.

If you already consider yourself a loyal person, then great!

Let’s take the tip from Dave, and ‘keep it that way’.

Be Loyal.