Not everyone seems to realise that we are surrounded by potential friends every day. Most of us would admit that often we are so caught up in our own lives and existing circles that we fail to recognise anyone outside of them.

This means that we’re missing out on hundreds of small opportunities every week to make new, exciting connections – and even if we don’t plan on becoming best buddies with each person that crosses our path, it still costs us absolutely nothing (other than a wee bit of effort!) to be friendly.

Here’s three little tips for living a friendlier life:

  • Learn people’s names. Do you frequent certain cafes, go to the same service station every week, maybe visit the supermarket down the road often? Take notice of the people serving you. If they have nametags, try to memorise their name and use it next time you go in. If they don’t wear nametags, ASK them. Everyone likes to hear their own name being used. You’ll get better service and more smiles in exchange.
  • Chat to those around you.  I’ve made more interesting connections on plane trips, bus rides, and in checkout lines than I can count. Many of these people are friends I’m still in touch with today. It doesn’t take much effort to say ‘Hello!’ to the people seated next to you – plus it makes the journey more fun if they’re keen to chat! 
  • Smile. The one word says it all really. Smile at people walking past you, smile at the person behind the counter, smile at your work mates and buskers and even those people handing out flyers on the street. When you smile, the world is instantly a friendlier place.

I’m a big believer in the saying that you can never have too many friends. Whether that’s true or not, you’ll certainly never find out unless you make the extra effort to:

Be Friendly.