There’s a rare breed of people out there you don’t often meet.

They don’t hang out with the whingers, the complainers, the-glass-is-always-half-empty people who seem to be loudly present wherever you go … they’re doing something else. Somewhere else. And you can bet it’s a whole lot more fun.

They are the solution finders.

These people are far more interested in fixing what’s going wrong than simply making sure all their friends know about it. Instead of jumping up and down, saying ‘How terrible that this service/product/person isn’t doing what I want!’ they’re busy asking questions.

What is the real, underlying problem here?

How can I fill this gap?

Who will I find to help me achieve a solution?

A problem solver has a revolutionary perspective on problems. In fact, these people aren’t even looking at a ‘problem’. They’re dealing with a challenge. A temporary hiccup. A learning curve. A small obstacle on the certain route to success.

They always find a way.

You know why?

Because they are 110% SURE it’s there.

If you’ve been hanging with the whingers for too long now, it’s time to find a new crowd.

Be a Problem Solver.