It’s pretty easy to tell when something isn’t ‘the real deal’. The taste is different, the quality is bad, something about it just doesn’t seem quite right.

Your willingness to invest in an authentic pair of Nikes rather than their fake ‘Nikii’ counterparts is much higher. You’ll pay for the genuine article, the assurance of quality and satisfaction.

When it comes to people, we’re all shopping for the same thing. We want to talk to and work with ‘real deal’ people. We’ve all had experiences with time wasters, liers, cheaters, hypocrites, gossip mongers … and frankly, we’re sick of it.

The world needs people who do what they say they will, keep the same values no matter who they’re with, and offer a fully aligned, integrated, ‘whole’ self to friends, family and work-mates alike.

Who wants to settle for imitation, rip-off, won’t-last-three-months shoes? You’ll find that people are more than willing to shell out and invest in you, when you earnestly, sincerely strive to:

Be Authentic.