Have you ever watched ants? They’re always on the move. There’s somewhere to be, food to find and bring back, and other ant-friends to pass important messages on to.

Same with bees – they are captains of the honey industry, flying busily from flower to flower with purpose.

I don’t think there’s ever been a day when a bee or an ant has woken up and said, ‘Hmm, nothing to do today. Feeling kind of bored. Might as well just stay in bed.’

Nope! These little guys know that they have work to do, family to take care of, and places to be.

There’s something invigorating about being industrious.

Working with your hands, your brain, your feet … using your talents and skills to contribute towards something, or achieve a goal that you’ve set.

It’s a careful balance of course. Getting lots of things achieved without a clear purpose may be industrious, but it won’t fulfil you. And always being busy with no time to rest and enjoy the present isn’t an enriching way to live either.

But once you’ve found that priceless balance, you’ll have realised that being industrious isn’t a chore; it’s a joy.

If you wake up in the morning with purpose, look forward to jumping out of bed and getting stuck into your latest project, and get up even earlier on the weekends purely because you’re motivated by what the day has in store for you, then congratulations! You’ve learnt a lesson from our little friends, and know how to:

Be Industrious