Tomorrow is special.

Not just because it’s Friday (and who doesn’t love Friday!), but also because it’s the first Friday in September … Random Acts of Kindness Day!

A day when you finally have an excuse to do those spontaneous things you’ve sometimes considered, but discarded with the thought – ‘No, I couldn’t do that; they’d just think I was strange.’

Like pay for the person behind you in the petrol station queue.

Or go through the checkout at your local supermarket, pull a bar of chocolate out of your paid-for groceries bag and say to the assistant, ‘Here, this is for you.’

Bake muffins and give them to the elderly lady who waits for the bus beside you every morning.

It’s a day to remember that the little things are sometimes even more meaningful than a massive gesture. And that EVERYONE, no matter if they’re young or old, rich or poor, friend or stranger, can’t help but be warmed by an unexpected act of kindness.

Make someone smile.

Be Kind.