When’s the last time you made something, just for the fun of it?

Not something you had to make. Like dinner for your family or a project for University.

Not something practical, profitable, or peer-approved.

Something beautiful. Something expressive. Something creative.

It could be scrapbooking, card making, painting, sculpting, tracing the clouds with a sketch-pad, hand-making jewellery, knitting, putting together a video, decorating a cake, writing a song, designing something … feeling the thrill that comes from unleashing your inner creativity on a project, losing track of time while pouring over your personal work of art – in whatever form it takes.

In our serious, grown-up lives it can take real effort to be creative. Finger painting is no longer a regular afternoon activity. We’re offered ready-made, in-a-can entertainment at every turn, so perhaps it’s not surprising that in our spare time we’re more likely to sit in front of a screen than make something beautiful.

But despite the mouthfuls of popcorn, our creative soul remains hungry.

Consider creating some space in your life to make things rather than just do things. Find friends to collaborate with. Relax, get inspired, and …

Be Creative.