It’s a big world out there.

When’s the last time you stepped off your familiar route and into the unknown?

Adventure doesn’t have to mean bungee jumping or falling from a plane at 1,500 feet (although this certainly gets your heart pumping!); it could be simply checking out the park down the road. The one you drive past every day on the way to work and think, ‘That looks like such a nice place to go for a walk. I really should go there sometime’.

Or going into that food store you often walk straight past and buying some new spices to try out.

Maybe wearing something you didn’t think you’d be brave enough to pull off. Trying a different meal at your favourite restaurant where you always order exactly the same dish every time just because you know that it’s ‘safe’. Signing up for an outdoor course that looks hard, challenging, outside your comfort zone and … FULL of adventure!

We’re only here a short time. Let’s not spend it all doing the same routine things.

Be Adventurous.