No-one likes to be left out.

To be the one who doesn’t get invited, isn’t greeted with a smile, never gets to enter the conversation.

We all want to belong. We want to feel like our opinions matter, our efforts count, and our values are shared by the people around us.

Including others will cost you though. You don’t get to stay snug and secure within the little clique that you’ve so carefully formed and protected. You instead have to step outside the circle of familiarity, to embrace those skirting cautiously around the edges, unsure where they fit or belong.

You might have to extend your friend circle, the work-mates you interact with, the guest list for events that you plan.

‘Inclusive’ embraces. It welcomes. It says, ‘Hey, there’s room for you here.’

So scoot over a tad. Make some space.

Be Inclusive.