All the positive self-talk, post-it note affirmations and inspirational conferences in the world can’t guarantee that you’ll always be 100% happy, content and satisfied.

No matter how wonderful your family is, your partner is, or how much you love your job, there will still be times when you’re just not functioning at your optimum level. When you feel out of sorts. When there’s a little patch of grey hovering over your head and you can’t seem to run away from under it.

It might be sickness, loss, change, or something you can’t even put your finger on … but you know what? You can choose to be ok with not being ok.

You can allow yourself this moment, whether it lasts an afternoon, a day, or a week, to not be completely in sync. To not have it all together. And by doing so, you’ll start to move through it faster.

Trying to force yourself back on top isn’t always the quickest way to climb.

Say out loud, ‘This too shall pass’.

And know that it will! Our lives are full of ebbs and flows, highs and lows. Learn to ride it out, and instead of fighting the lows tooth and nail, exhausting yourself in the process:

Be ok with not being ok.