What is your reaction when someone approaches you with some new information? Perhaps a book to read, a link to an article, invitation to an event, a recorded talk, or thoughts on one of your closely held beliefs.

Do you say, ‘Oh thanks for that, but I don’t really need it, I already have my own ______, follow my own _______, know all about ________’.

Or perhaps you drop the thanks altogether, and go straight into defence mode, ‘Why would you think I’d be interested in ______?! We’ve talked about this before and I thought you realised that I’m already perfectly happy with _______?’

These two reactions are pretty standard. I’ve heard those words come out of my own mouth many times. It’s only since adopting a third response that my horizons have started to broaden. It goes something like this …

‘Wow! Thanks so much for thinking of me, and taking the time to send me ______, give me _______, invite me to ______. I’ll definitely check it out and let you know my thoughts.’

This receptive approach expresses interest, shows appreciation for the other person’s time and effort, and breaks down barriers, opening you up to new possibilities.

It’s very easy to be closed. Most of us are, to more things than we realise. It’s challenging, but so much more rewarding, to …

Be Receptive