There’s a saying that ‘those who can’t do, teach’. But I think it could also be said that ‘those who teach, must first learn’.

It’s Step 1 with anything worth doing. Want to be a great cook? You’ll have to learn some cooking skills. Keen to succeed financially? Well, before you’re the next Bill Gates you might need to first spend some time learning budgeting and investment principles.

Sometimes it seems like learning is portrayed as a chore. It conjures up images of grumpy schoolteachers, hard tests and painful failure. And that perspective is exactly why many people are happy to stick with the skill set they already have, keep doing the hobbies they’ve always done, and stay in the same job they’ve had for years.

I’ll let you in on a secret though …. learning isn’t a chore. It’s a joy.

Think about everything you love doing today. Singing, swimming, reading, making beautiful things, writing, playing sports or an instrument. Were you born knowing how to do it?


We come out having mastered breathing, crying, eating and pooping and that’s about it.

Learning is growing. Learning is being able to share. Learning is gaining understanding, knowledge, wisdom, culture, and valuable perspective.

If you decide to be a learner, you’re set for life. Everything is interesting. Each person you meet has something to teach you. And then eventually, you get to be the one teaching others.

You really can learn something new every day.

Surprise yourself.

Be a Learner.