Don’t you just love the feeling of being hosted?

Coming in, being welcomed, eating delicious food carefully prepared for you, participating in warm conversation and laughter, and not even having to do the dishes afterwards!

Good hosts make you feel at ease. They’ll share. They show how much they care by including you in the chatter, asking thoughtful questions, accommodating your food and beverage preferences.

I’ve been to enough places to realise that this isn’t a universally experienced or practiced art however. Not everyone puts in the effort to make you feel welcome. With those who do though, you walk out the door feeling like part of the family.

And it’s a pretty amazing feeling to find a home away from your own.

Do you enjoy being hospitable? Are you the person who bends over backwards to put everyone at ease, make sure each guest who enters your home feels like they are welcome and appreciated?

It may not be your natural inclination. Perhaps it seems like too much effort and you’re happy to leave your other half, or parent, or flat-mates take on the role of host. But next time you’re having people over, try it on for size. A little hospitality can go a long way. Maybe someone in your circle needs a place to stay for a night or two, a friend has just moved into the area and doesn’t know many people, or an older relative has lost their partner and floats around the house each day, lonely.

Keep on the look-out for ways to …

Be Hospitable.