If you’re a people-person, extrovert, generally out-going type then you might find this idea a little odd at first. ‘Being alone? Who wants to be alone?!’

I’m not recommending the hermit lifestyle. Or withdrawing from the world in an isolated effort to ‘find yourself’. I’ve just been noticing that some people don’t seem to have the capacity to be alone. To enjoy their own company. To not require the constant stimulus and chatter and affirmation that comes from having other people always around or close to you.

One friend told me that she can’t handle being by herself. It makes her nervous, uncomfortable and paranoid.

Perhaps you identify with this. Maybe you find yourself always seeking out others, conversation, and need ‘moral support’ to attend an event.

Have you ever stopped to question this urge? Society ridicules ‘loners’ and promotes ‘being part of the group’. But I think it shows a sense of strength and self-appreciation when someone can spend a contented evening with just their own company. When they can go a walk without needing a buddy or iPod to fill their ears with noise. When there’s something on they want to go see and if no-one wants to come along they say, ‘No worries – I’ll just go by myself.’

If being along terrifies you, I challenge you to take a look inside and find out why that is. Your best chances to reflect, grow, tune-in, and have moments of inspiration will often only come when you’re alone. Not distracted. Not engaged with other people.

Just …


It might take you awhile to adjust, but there are times when it’s quietly satisfying to simply:

Be Alone.