Do you find yourself switching between things a lot? Jumping from email inbox to Facebook feed, surfing channels, frantically clicking your mouse, trying to text while driving, eat while getting changed, go for a walk while making catch up calls?

It’s like our lives are designed to shorten our attention spans and make us feel like there’s always something else we should be checking on or doing, even while we’re trying to get one thing ticked off the list.

I noticed recently how often I feel like this, and how, when I’m in that headspace, nothing seems to get done.

The first step to conquering any bad habit (which this fidgety, fluttery, short-attention-span certainly is!) is awareness. So now that I know, I can do something about it.

And I’m determined to.

When you give yourself only one thing to focus on, it’s amazing how good you can be – look at star athletes, professional opera singers, master chefs … they’re not off trying to be clowns, orchestra conductors or pilots at the same time! Their career is focused. And it’s the focus that makes them successful.

Next time you catch yourself trying to do three things at once, pause, take a deep breath, and tell yourself ‘Focus! Once I get ____ accomplished, then and only then will I move onto ____’.

Your productivity will increase, your enjoyment of each task will be much greater, and you won’t notice your eye start twitching halfway through the day … it’s all possible, with the power of:

Being Focused