What are you fighting for?

A parking space? First place at the checkout? A promotion?

We have small battles every day that leave us more exhausted than triumphant. There isn’t often a moment of great fanfare as we ascend the hill, decked in robes and war-paint to be joyfully hugged and kissed by our waiting village-people, now safe for another season.

But perhaps we would find more satisfaction in our toils if we felt we were in the thick of something worth fighting for.

History’s greatest warriors didn’t carry guns, destroy smaller companies, or stomp on toes as they raced to the top of a corporate ladder.

People like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Florence Nightingale, Rosa Parks … their weapons of choice were words, love, hope, inspiration, big ideas, leadership, and standing up when others were content to stay below the radar. 

There are so many needs in our world – which one grabs your heart, inspires you to take action, and perhaps, even without the face-paint and armour:

Be a Warrior