Sometimes it’s hard to feel you measure up. There’s always someone else who is better looking, more accomplished, more successful, has a more ‘together’ home life, a nicer house, better-behaved children, wider networks, cooler clothing, or talents that you don’t possess but secretly wish you did.

We’re told we have to earn things by being a certain way. We have to put in the hard yards, make the effort, dress right, wear the right labels, go to the right events, talk to the right people, and even (depending on who you listen to) stack up credits with God from our good behaviour.

No wonder it’s difficult for some of us to accept good things when they come along!

We awkwardly brush off compliments, say no to the attractive person asking us out, hide in the back, fear speaking up, don’t step forward to claim our spot in the limelight, take that promotion, or go after our dream – all because deep down inside, there is this feeling that we’re not worthy. We’re not meant to be here. We’re just faking it, and someday, someone is going to call us out.

Well you know what?

You are here.

You’re a living, breathing, soul-inside-a-body and if that were all you had to your name, it would be enough.

Allow yourself to really become aware of the life surging through you. This is your gift. This is your status. You’re a miracle; a little divine spark in the firework-show of planet Earth, and if that wasn’t true, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

You have a place, you have a purpose, and you are intrinsically, undeniably, unequivocally worthy.

Don’t cheat yourself by thinking otherwise.

Accept it. Believe it.

Be Worthy.