There seems to be a funny rule with the universe – if you’re stressed, things go wrong. If you’re relaxed, things seem to just flow. I took the relaxed route on a recent overseas trip … even when it seemed that I’d miss a flight, the shuttle was going too slow, I might be at the wrong train platform etc, the second I felt my heart rate going up and brain rushing to pump out a million different scenarios of what could go wrong, I made the decision to be relaxed.

I told myself that everything was fine. Everything would work out.

And you know what?

It did. 

Somehow, I got where I needed to go, when I needed to get there, or found the thing / place / person I was looking for – all without increasing my cholesterol level and adding lines to my forehead!

Often, the things we stress about are completely out of our control anyway. They’re not worth our time spent producing the negative energy. Stress and worry are like evil snowballs … they roll down the hill collecting even more worries, problems, and concerns, until they crash at the bottom, exploding wet powder over everyone and everything in their path.

When I stress, I lose my ability to think clearly. I fumble, I drop things, I say stupid stuff – maybe you’ve experienced a similar stress-induced fog. Simply by making a choice to relax, I’ve freed up my brain space to operate more efficiently. 

A relaxed approach to life doesn’t make you lazy. It doesn’t make you less productive, despite what all the cigarette-smoking, compulsive-coffee-drinking execs might think.

It makes you nicer to be around, and allows you to expand your awareness to the needs of the other people surrounding you.

So in the words of a relaxation-expert …

Don’t worry, be happy.

Be relaxed.