I was at the supermarket the other day, trying to choose between a green or yellow capsicum, when a guy appeared beside me and asked if I’d like to go out for a drink sometime. 

He didn’t have a practiced air about him, as if asking girls out at the local Countdown was something he did all the time. To the contrary, he looked pretty nervous. Which made it all the more impressive – and of course, I said yes.

How often do you go out on a limb to get what you want? If an opportunity presents itself, do you speak up or stay mute? I think a lot of people are waiting to say yes.

Waiting to be asked out. Waiting for you to step up to that promotion or pitch that project you’ve been thinking about for months. Waiting for someone in the group to take the lead, start a new initiative, or disagree with that person who always thinks they’re right and never gets told they’re not.

It’s said that fortune favours the bold. 

I agree. And I’ve got capsicum-guy to thank for the reminder. This week I want to step outside my comfort zone. Why not come with me – do something that flat out terrifies you. Think of that thing, visualise it happening, and then take action and do it!

Go on.

Be Bold.