Remember when you were younger and you told someone your big dream? And they looked at you, in all your enthusiasm, with a knowing smile (the one that says I-love-you-and-I-don’t-want-you-to-get-hurt) and offered up a gentle warning …‘That sounds wonderful, but just remember – be realistic.’

The next time you really thought about your plan before telling anyone. The time after that you sat down and analysed all the pros and cons, making sure it sounded achievable, measurable, and above all else, ‘realistic’ before you let anyone know about it.

But what really audacious, world-changing goal ever sounded realistic from the outset? Realistic means it’s real now – you can see it, measure it, predict it, control it. Why can’t we be un-realistic … challenging the parameters of what we’ve always been told is possible, making new discoveries, pushing boundaries, daring to think bigger and in new directions than those who came before us.

We’ve had ‘being realistic’ drilled into us for too long. It’s time to embrace our 8-year-old sense of wonder again, bring back our big ideas & plans, and for a refreshing change …

Be Un-realistic.