I recently had the chance to meet Kim DotCom. I was told he’d be at the event from 2-4pm, and showed up at 2:45, excited to have a chat and ask him a couple of questions. Sure enough, there he was – trademark black cap on and surrounded by people. The event included free icecream, so my friend and I decided we’d grab some first before going over to the main attraction.

However, 2 minutes and 2 scoops of raspberry gelato later, Mr. DotCom was gone! No explanation either … perhaps something had come up back home at the mansion.

We stood there, gelato melting in hand and both feeling a little cheated – we were meant to have a whole hour left!

I left with sticky fingers and the strong realisation that when an opportunity presents itself, you can’t muck around. There’s no time for thinking that you’ve got time – it’s now or never. You might not get that meeting, that chance to pitch, that opportunity to travel, to learn something new, or stretch yourself again … and why should you if you didn’t act on it the first time? There’s always going to be appealing distractions; oh-so legitimate reasons to put off taking that leap and leaving your comfort zone – but they’re just fluff, put in your way to stop you from getting to the real goal.

Next time you find yourself positioned right in front of an opportunity, take the less thinking, more doing approach and …

Be an Opportunity-Seizer