I once thought that in order to live a life in happiness I need to do what feels good and avoid what doesn’t. Chasing the sensual pleasure of riding perfect waves and avoiding anything that didn’t feel like fun, I came to think otherwise.

When we are merely chasing pleasant emotions and sensations we quickly find ourselves torn between things or conditions we either want or hope to avoid. We want to become successful, but avoid failing; we want pleasure, but no pain; we want inner peace and harmony, but become annoyed when our inner peace is interrupted. Shifting between grasping and avoidance develops in us an inherent, craving desire towards the one and negativity towards the other; an unstable foundation for building lasting happiness. Instead we can develop an unshakable evenness of mind, a state of inner equipoise that cannot be upset by the emotions or sensations we experience. A mind that enables us to do what we know is right regardless of how we feel. A mind that is truly free.

Next time you find your actions being affected by how or what you feel, decide to regain your freedom and do what is right regardless. Decide to…

Be Equanimous