When I decided to learn the guitar I did so because I wanted to play my favorite song and entertain my friends. When I learned that playing songs was an outcome of tedious, year-long repetition of notes and chords my motivation took a hit. It got even worst when I played with friends who had played the guitar for many years; gliding their fingers over the fret board smoothly and effortlessly producing sweet melodies that please the ears of smiling listeners. On the contrary, my tinkling wasn’t recognized as music and in cases, I am sure has triggered subtle annoyance in my involuntary audiences. I got frustrated and stopped practicing. What I lacked was patience.

Patience is your ability to persist under difficult circumstances, the level of endurance you can take before negativity boils up.

You need patience to learn anything that is worth learning – anything that is difficult at first. You were patient when you first started to walk, when you started that new job that you now love, and when you learned the new hobby that now brings you so much joy and has introduced you to many of your close friends. You need patience to find your passion – there is no other way to love what you do, but to fully accept the difficulties along the way.

Don’t distract yourself with looking to those who have further progressed along the learning curve. The only difference between you and them is time spent doing it. Next time when you commit to learning something new, be aware of the difficulties that will arise along the way and decide to be gentle with yourself when frustration boils up.  Let go of those expectations and enjoy the process without thinking of your desired outcome.  Every time before you start your practice, decide to…

Be Patient

‘Genius is eternal patience.’ – Michelangelo