Sometimes I wonder how we all ended up so serious.

Working ‘real’ jobs, always aware of how we look and presenting the ‘right image’, making polite conversation over cheese and wine at networking events, going to committee meetings, following the rules, trying to impress others with our intelligence and social skills … when do we ever allow ourselves to be silly?!

To do stuff just because it’s fun, not because it’s important.

To giggle and laugh uncontrollably, until we collapse and our tummies hurt.

To say the thoughts that pop into our heads without over-analysing them for suitability before sharing.

To chase, skip, jump, and dance with abandon; no care for who’s watching or what they’re thinking of us.

It’s so freeing when you allow yourself to be silly. Your muscles relax, your smile grows wider, and you experience that child-like joy you used to feel as an 8 year old at play. And instead of judging you, the people around you might even thank you for awakening that long-lost feeling in them! I think our workplaces, homes, and friendships could all benefit from a little more silliness. Silliness gives us the power to laugh at ourselves, to realise that really, life isn’t such a big, difficult struggle, and the little things we find annoying can actually be quite funny.

So stop over-thinking. Give yourself some freedom to chill out, live spontaneously, be a kid again, and …

Be Silly.