There is a certain kind of person whose company make me feel more alive, somehow more energised. I’ve been thinking about who these people are in my life and what they do and don’t do in order to better understand what makes a great energy giver …

  • They smile at everyone with genuine warmth that shows their love for fellow humans.
  • They enthusiastically look for opportunities to serve others – generally doing more than required. They are the ones who stay after your dinner party and happily do the dishes without making you feel guilty.
  • They look for the good and happy news to talk about and deflect any gossip or negativity.
  • They are hearty in their approbation and lavish in their praise, usually deflecting praise for their own. They generally have a great sense of humour and laugh easily – they make you feel good because you can make them giggle.
  • They tend to be generous with their resources and spend very little on themselves.
  • They are always onto a new thing and passionately share what they’ve recently learned and motivate others to try it out.
  • They don’t presume or take for granted; they don’t expect or get disappointed. They are generally grateful and openly express their thanks for whatever life offers them.

The energy giver expends as much energy as he possibly can, mostly for others. As a result, he seems to be more energetic, joyful and happy. It’s nothing new, really, it’s the old principle of ‘the more you give the more you get’ applied to everyday life.  It works in all situations, everyone can do it and it costs you nothing but some life energy that you’ll get back with a decent mark-up. If we would all give a little more life energy and enthusiasm to all we do, we could create a more energetic world, with more wide-open and bright eyes smiling at us. Give it a try and…

Be an Energy Giver