Our roots are wild.

We’re descended from explorers, trail-blazers, hunters and foragers, pioneers, people who worked the land, faced down challenges, and had never heard of insurance.

It’s easy to forget that though when you’re sitting in an air-conditioned office on a padded chair, with only mental stimulus and your ready-made supermarket dinner waiting in the fridge at home.

Society wants to keep us tame, manageable, and easy to predict.

But something in us cries out to be wild – to be out in nature, to get muddy and not care, to feel our blood really pumping, to yell and shout and just let go.

Wild could be dancing in the rain, running as fast as you can on the beach or through the bush, saying what you actually think, not what’s politically correct, breaking the rules occasionally if they were stupid in the first place … getting in touch with your primitive, instinctive desires and impulses.

It may be seen as inappropriate or ‘bad’, but it will only be the tame, meek people telling you that.

Embrace the raw, instinct-driven fighter within. Listen to those gut urges and what nature is telling you. Get out of the office, leave the comfort of home occasionally, and …

Be Wild