Like most developed country dwellers, I am able to afford anything I need to live a basic, happy and healthy life. Despite having all I need, I used to feel a need to preserve what I have, that I should be more thrifty, and more thoughtful with my giving to others and myself. A feeling of unease, of concern was creeping up in times when my bank account has been shrinking the third month in a row, even though I was doing what I am passionate about, and even though I knew this would happen when I decided to leave my corporate job.

However, I am not convinced that a tight grip on one’s money, and more thrifty and resource-constrained behavior is the solution to the problem. Rather than confirming to the world around you that you have anything you need, this behavior just creates vibes of scarcity and therefore interrupts the flow of resources and wealth to you.

Instead of worrying about your savings account, ask yourself if your spending aligns with your principles and will increase your abundance in the long-term. Does it serve you?

Shouting your catch-up lunch? Yep, as it is an investment in a relationship and signals your abundance. Grab take-away lunch just because it’s convenient? Nope, doesn’t serve you! Buying organic, healthy, and pricey groceries? Absolutely, as this gives you more energy and preserves your long-term health –  go nuts! Investing a hundred bucks in a whiteboard to mind-map your business ideas? Well worth it, because it makes you think in new ways that may bring up new business ideas, or new ways to create value! Buying yet another fancy pair of dress shoes? No investment in abundance! Buying your friend a thank-you present because he hooked you up with a new client or business connection? A must!  Investing in programs or coaches that make you a better, fitter, more knowledgeable, more effective person – go for it!

These are just a few examples, but I think you get the idea. Whenever you expend resources on something, don’t worry too much about the dent in your bank account, but be aware of the long-term benefit it brings to you. If there’s none, consider not buying it. Abundance comes from not worrying about your resources, knowing you have everything you need and that your supply is limitless. This is true, however, you can only truly feel abundant if you don’t waste your resources, but invest them with purpose in other people, and things that serve you. When you do this consistently, you might be surprised how effortless plenty of what you need flows your way.

Be Abundant