My partner introduced me to the concept of a ‘Control-Complete’ function. It’s what he uses to make sure that everyday tasks are completed mindfully. You ‘control’ the process of doing whatever it is that you’re doing – checking that the quality is good, the correct steps are being followed, you’re engaged and focused, and once it’s done, you make sure it is properly completed – perhaps you made dinner, but did dishes end up rinsed and in the dishwasher? You had that meeting, but did you send a follow-up email? With Control-Complete, it’s only when a task has been executed properly and closed off with all the boxes ticked that you can move on.

To me, this is being conscientious. It’s doing those little extra bits that other people might skip over or decide aren’t worth the effort.

It speaks of a strong character, someone who isn’t willing to settle for a half-pie attempt – even (and perhaps especially!) with the small stuff. Conscientious people are great to work with; you know that they’ll do what’s right, both when it’s easy and when things get challenging. This is the quality you want in your Doctor, your midwife, your business advisor.

And even if we don’t have the fate of someone’s life or business in our hands, I think it’s something we can all benefit from developing.

Paying attention to the details of each task undertaken, being careful to ‘leave no trace’ after completing something, making sure the boxes are checked, things are signed off properly not haphazardly… this can only lead to being a more thorough, trusted, mindful person.

Remember to activate your ‘Control-Complete’ function, and …

Be Conscientious