People who know me know I love wearing hats.

Denim ones, leather ones, beanies, floppy hats, trilby hats, fancy hats, knitted hats … I just have a thing for hats. I like how when I put on a different hat, I feel I have a slightly different persona.

And I commented to my partner the other day that I apply that same theory to other areas of my life.

When I approach some new challenge, or task I wouldn’t ordinarily do, I picture myself as just wearing a different hat that day.

I have my ‘Teshy-The-Plumber’ hat when the shower gets clogged. My ‘Tesh-Who-Figures-Out-Annoying-Technical-Problems’ hat when things aren’t working, my ‘Tesh-The Accountant-Who-Can-Reconcile-Things-Accurately’ around tax time, and my ‘Tesh-The-Resourceful-Inventor’ hat – for times when I don’t have a lot to work with!

By thinking of myself as someone in a new role, playing a part that perhaps doesn’t feel intrinsically ‘me’ but that I’m totally capable of doing, it makes the task easier. It makes it fun. It makes me versatile. I’m not stuck doing the things I already know how to do, I’m empowered to approach something a new way.

Only a few days after chatting about this with Seb, my brother linked me to a great post by a guy on exactly the same wavelength. It seems that other people are also using the hat perspective to become more versatile!

You can try it too. Next time you’re confronted with a situation where you need a chameleon shift to do things a bit differently, remember how fun and easy it can be – just put on a new hat and …

Be Versatile