To be perfectly honest with you, I hardly ever ‘forget’ about myself. Even when I am giving to another person, or doing something for them, if I dig down really deep it’s likely that I have some sort of hidden agenda. Something I’m expecting in return, or some ‘good’ reason which means I feel more important as a result of doing or giving.

It’s rare that I do something without any sense of self entangled-up in the action. And when I realise that, it makes me sad. Because why am I so gosh-darn important anyway that I always need to be thinking of my own interests? Truth is, I’m just a tiny speck floating around this big planet. Like you. Like any of us.

If we take ourselves too seriously, and place too much emphasis on our own agendas, it’s going to be mighty hard achieving anything worth mentioning. It will take a lot of specks to colour anything here … to restore our environment, balance our differences, share our knowledge, implement change …

Maybe one day I’ll be able to forget about myself long enough to contribute something towards making that happen.

Something agenda-less, something ego-less … something self-less.

Be Self-forgetting.