In an age where we seek certainty through research, measurement and analysis, instinct sounds like something that belongs to a previous time. It is too primordial, too difficult to define. Besides, there are no university courses for it. If you are instinctive you are somehow part animal; and in a sophisticated human world, that’s bad.

Instinct is a gift of nature formed through countless decades of evolutionary carving.

It’s that gut feeling that tells you whether that business deal is going to work before you’ve analysed the numbers. It’s that inner voice that tells you whether an idea is worth pursuing before you’ve done hours of research. It’s that initial feeling you get way before a thought can evolve. It makes you know without knowing why.

Sadly, in a society that honours the rational mind fewer and fewer people pay any attention to what their instincts are telling them. We are supposed to reason why we know something. If we can’t articulate the ‘why’, we risk being disbelieved and ridiculed. Yet, when you are desperate for guidance when facing a big decision, your instinct is the most precious gift on earth.

So, next time you get that gut feeling deep inside yourself, accept that you know and let the ‘why’ mature over time.

Be Instinctive.