There was a time when I said yes to just about anything – new friends, new opportunities, new clients, new places, new events, new causes to give money to or volunteer for …

It was fun. I learnt a lot, experienced things I wouldn’t have otherwise, ended up with heaps of people in my circle, plenty of work to do – but eventually, it all becomes a bit much.

Racing to a different social event every night, trying to remember all the birthdays, babies, and things going on in your friends lives, working late to make sure your clients are happy … it’s a recipe for exhaustion.


Now, I’ve become more selective. I don’t make instant-best-friends with everyone I meet just because I like them from the first conversation. I choose the events I go to carefully – will they fulfil something in my life? Support something I truly believe in? I have reached a place where I’m not afraid of saying goodbye to a client I feel sucks too much energy from me, or isn’t in line with my values. I try to find ways to give back within the community I’m in, with maximum impact, rather than sending all donations overseas where I have no influence over how they’re used.

Being selective has brought me more calm. More enjoyment. And a deeper connection with who I really am, what I really want to do, instead of having no time to consider these things in the midst of over-busyness.

Take the time to think about your choices of friends, entertainment, clients, events, causes …

Be Selective