So this is it – the 100th ‘Be’ post. When I started this project, the very heart of it was to connect less with doing; lists, goals, achievements, and more with being; character qualities, values, soul.

I’ve come to see that even focusing on ‘being’ comes with risks. You can still beat yourself up for not being kind enough, being present enough, being open minded enough.

You can still miss the point of the whole exercise.

And the point is, that you’re already enough. You can already live at peace with yourself, whatever stage you’re at in your journey.

You can breathe deep.

You can relax.

You can sleep at ease.

Because you, you’re made of the same stuff as stars.

You’ve already arrived. You’re already magical. You’re a miracle, exactly how you are today. 

You don’t need to analyse yourself to the umpteenth degree, you don’t need to have it all worked out, all your scars healed, all your imperfections concealed.

Because they’re not really scars, they’re you.

They’re not imperfections, they’re you.

We are ALL of it.

Good, bad, unsightly – they’re just labels. Meaningless.

You, you are full of meaning. You’re here, you exist, you are life itself. You’re part of something bigger and grander and more infinite than we’ll ever understand.

And that’s enough.

You. Are. Enough.

It’s time to put all those lists away. (yes, including this one!)

Before you know it, without even trying, you will finally, beautifully, gracefully …

Be at Peace with Yourself